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Spencer Lockes real name

Her real name is Spencer Locke.

Spencer Locke age and birth info

Spencer Locke is 32 years old. She was born on September 20, 1991 in Winter Park, United States

Spencer Lockes nationality is American. According to our sources Her place of residence is unknown with United States of America citizenship.

Spencer Lockes height and weight

Height: 5' 7" or 171 cm

Weight: 130 lbs or 59 kg.

How much money does Spencer Locke have?

According to various sources like wikipedia, networth portals and financial portals.

Estimated net worth of Spencer Locke is $1 million

Where did Spencer Locke go to high school/college?

Spencer Locke went to Spencer Locke attended the Maile School

What is Her horoscope sign?

Spencer Locke zodiac sign is Virgo

Social networks profiles

Was Spencer Locke married in the past? Is She currently married?

As per our research Spencer Locke was married with Chris Mason. Her last known partner is Chris Mason.


List of Spencer Lockes known films

  • Kidz Bop: Everyone's a Star! as Herself (2003)
  • Spanglish as Sleepover Friend (2004)
  • Monster House as Jenny Bennett (2006)
  • Resident Evil: Extinction as K-Mart (2007)
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife as K-Mart (2010)
  • Captain Fin as Hannah Gunner (2011)
  • Detention as Ione (2011)
  • Anatomy of the Tide as Bridgett Harriman (2012)
  • Karaoke Man as Paige (2012)
  • All American Christmas Carol as Ghost of Christmas Past (2013)
  • Tarzan as Jane Porter (2013)
  • Five O'Clock Comes Early as Lucy (2014)
  • Landmine Goes Click as Alicia (2015)
  • Bridal Boot Camp as Andy Phillips (2017)
  • Insidious: The Last Key as Melissa Rainier (2018)
  • Walk Ride Rodeo as Amberley Snyder (2019)

Known Series

List of Spencer Lockes series where She was an actor

  • Without a Trace as Brandee Case note: Episode: "Wannabe" 2004
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as Bitsy Johnson note: 4 episodes (season 1) 2005
  • Untitled Camryn Manheim Pilot as Crosby Rydell note: Unaired TV pilot 2005
  • Phil of the Future as Candida Keegel note: 5 episodes 2005
  • Boys Life as N/A note: Unaired TV pilot 2006
  • That's So Raven as Kayla note: Episode: "Mad Hot Cotillion" 2006
  • Cold Case as Sarah Blake (1976) note: Episode: "Jackals" 2009
  • Big Time Rush as Jennifer note: 2, 4 episodes (season 1) 2009–2010
  • Cougar Town as Kylie note: Recurring role, 10 episodes 2009–2010
  • Twentysixmiles as Sally Burnish note: Main role 2010
  • The Vampire Diaries as Amber Bradley note: Episode: "Miss Mystic Falls" 2010
  • In Plain Sight as Sabrina Anderson/Sabrina Jordan note: Episode: "WitSec Stepmother" 2010
  • Love Bites as Christy Hayes note: Episode: "Sky High" 2011
  • The Bling Ring as Maddie Bishop note: Television film 2011
  • CSI: Miami as Jessica Wyatt note: Episode: "Terminal Velocity" 2012
  • NCIS as Amber Banks note: Episode: "Psych Out" 2012
  • Cult as Carey Mandeville note: 2 episodes 2013
  • Two and a Half Men as Jill note: Episode: "Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie" 2013
  • Hawaii Five-0 as Aubrey Harper note: Episode: "Big Lie" 2015
  • Babysitter's Black Book as Ashley note: Television film 2015
  • CSI: Cyber as Madison Brooks, note: Episode: "Flash Squad" 2016

Spencer Lockes body and other characteristics

  • Is Spencer Locke a smoker: unknown
  • Does She have other nickname: spencer locke
  • Is She convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games:
    • Monster House as Jenny Bennett (2006)
    • Forza Horizon 2 as Ashley (2014)
  • Religion: unknown
  • Spencer Lockes signature: unknown
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Spencer Lockes dres size: 6 (US)
  • Spencer Lockes shoe size: 8 (US)
  • Sexual orientation: straight


Spencer Lockes sister

Sister(s): Chelsea Spencer